Monthly Maintenance

All maintenance customers are guaranteed 4-hour emergency response time. We also carry emergency critical parts “Crash Kits” in our warehouse to ensure the equipment necessary to get your system up and running quickly is always available. You won’t have to wait for parts to be “shipped in” or for manufacturers normal operating hours.

Unsurpassed service! That’s what we’re all about. We offer both on-call service and maintenance service agreements allowing you to budget your telephone maintenance expense.

‘Cabling” We have the expertise to engineer, design, implement and install data cable systems, including complete project management. Our personnel are familiar with data standards, engineering and installation methods pertaining to the following data networks:


IBM Cabling Systems                                                         

Twisted pair (cat 5e, cat 6)

LAN Applications                                                                

Coaxial & Twin-Axial        

DEC Connect                                                                                   


Fiber Optic                                                                           

Broadband & Base Band




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